City-Wide Garage Sale



The City-Wide Garage Sale will be held twice in 2016!

Saturday, April 30 (New!)
Saturday, August 13

Why hold a garage sale?

  • Get rid of clutter and earn some cash
  • Find unexpected items at a reduced cost 
  • Reuse items that would otherwise go to the landfill

How to participate?

Residents register online for individual, multi-family, or block garage sales. Garage sale registrations are posted on the map below every Friday leading up to the event after registration begins. Below are tips to make your sale the best it can be:

  • Complete all information on the registration form.    
  • Create a master list with the items for sale and their prices.
  • Post visible signs on private property only (no signs may be posted on utility or street sign poles).   
  • Have change and petty cash available.  Have plenty of bags and boxes available.
  • Donate usable items not sold.  

For more information, email us to or call (408) 615-3080.

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