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The directory below provides access to recently archived CEQA documents.  If you are unable to locate a project and/or document, please contact our office for assistance.

CityPlace Santa Clara (Related Santa Clara)

Public Hearing Reports and Project Documents

The Related Santa Clara project (formerly known as the City Place Santa Clara project) was approved by the City Council on June 28, 2016. Please visit our Development Projects webpage listing for Related Santa Clara to view all Public Hearing reports and project documents. All CEQA documents for the project can be found below.

Final Environmental Impact Report

10-day review period: April 19, 2016 - April 29, 2016
Extended review period: April 30, 2016 - May 9, 2016 (formally extended on April 26, 2016)
Distribution Notice (PDF)

FEIR Document:

Cover and Title Page (PDF)
Chapter 1 – Introduction (PDF)
Chapter 2 – List of Commenters (PDF)
Chapter 3 – Master Responses (PDF)
Chapter 4 – Response to Comments: Agency 1 (PDF)
Chapter 4 (continued) – Response to Comments: Agency 2 (PDF)
Chapter 4 (continued) – Response to Comments: Agency 3 (PDF)
Chapter 4 (continued) – Response to Comments: Agency 4 (PDF)
Chapter 4 (continued) – Response to Comments: Organizations (PDF)
Chapter 4 (continued) – Response to Comments: Individuals (PDF)
Chapter 5 – Revisions to Draft Environmental Impact Report (PDF)
Appendix 3.1 – Final Report from the Council Appointed Burrowing Owl Habitat Committee (PDF)
Appendix 3.2 – News Release: San Jose Burrowing Owl Population Increase (PDF)
Appendix 4.1 – Attachments to Comments 1 (PDF)
Appendix 4.1 – Attachments to Comments 2 (PDF)
Appendix 4.1 – Attachments to Comments 3 (PDF)
Appendix 5.1 – Revised Transportation Tables (PDF)
Appendix 5.2 – Updated Draft EIR Appendix 3.3 K, Mitigated Intersection Level of Service (PDF)

City of San Jose's Response to FEIR, Comments and Appendices:

160429 City of San Jose's Comment Letter on the City Place EIR
Exhibit A - ABAG 2000-2025 Growth Projections for Santa Clara County
Exhibit B - Job Growth, Housing, Affordability, and Commuting in the Bay Area by BARPPHWG
Exhibit C - Priority Development Areas via GIS
Exhibit D - Priority Development Areas
Exhibit E - Priority Development Areas
Exhibit F - Priority Development Areas
Exhibit G - Memorandum from Mayor Sam Liccardo to the City Council re North San Jose Area Development Policy
Exhibit H - City Place Impacts & Fair Share Contribution (San Jose) / City of San Jose Technical Transportation Comments on Final EIR
Exhibit I - US EPA Regulatory Announcement, Heavy-Duty Engine and Vehicle Standards, and Highway Diesel Fuel Sulfur Control Requirements
Exhibit J - US EPA, Control of Air Pollution from New Motor Vehicles Heavy-Duty
Exhibit K - California ARB On-Road Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicles (In-Use) Regulation
Exhibit L - 2012 Staff Report on Burrowing Owl Mitigation
Exhibit M - USFWS Wetlands Classification System
Exhibit N - Definition & Delineation of Wetlands in the Coastal Zone
Exhibit O - California Department of Fish and Game Recommended Wetland Definition
Exhibit P - FEMA Region 9 National Flood Insurance Program
Exhibit Q - Related Santa Clara Frequently Asked Questions

City's Response to Comments on the FEIR

Final Impact Report (FEIR) Exhibit A - Enhanced Open Space Variant Analysis
Final Impact Report (FEIR) Exhibit B - Responses to Comments

Draft Environmental Impact Report

45-day review period: October 9, 2015 - November 23, 2015*
*On November 23, 2015, the City formally extended the comment period an additional 15 days with a new end-date of December 8, 2015

Notice of Availability (PDF)

DEIR Document:

Volume I, Chapter 1 - Section 3.3
Chapter 1 - Introduction through Chapter 03-02 Aesthetics; (PDF)
Chapter 03-03 - Transportation, Part 1 (PDF)
Chapter 03-03 - Transportation, Part 2 (PDF)

Volume II, Section 3.4 - Chapter 6
Chapter 3.4 - Air Quality through Chapter 03-07 - Cultural Resources (PDF)
Chapter 03-08 - Biological Resources through Chapter 03-10 -Hydrology (PDF)
Chapter 03-11 - Haz Mat through Chapter 06 - Preparers (PDF)

Volume III, Appendices
Appendix 1 - Notices of Preparation and Comments Received (PDF)
Appendix 3.3A - Existing Traffic Counts through Appendix 3.3D - List of Transportation Improvements (PDF)
Appendix 3.3E - Intersection LOS Calculation (PDF)
Appendix 3.3F - Travel Demand Model Validation through Appendix 3.3I - On-site Street Analysis (PDF)
Appendix 3.3J - Trip Generation Estimates through Appendix 3.3N - Freeway Ramp Analysis (PDF)
Appendix 3.4 - Air Quality Data through Appendix 4 - Urban Decay Analysis (PDF)

Responses to EIR

Comment Letters in response to the EIR - PDF Updated December 9, 2015 (Arranged alphabetically)

Notice of Preparation (NOP)

Agenda Report from June 16, 2015 announcing combination of environmental review for City Place and Centennial Gateway Projects

Distribution Date: July 30, 2014


Notice of Scoping Meeting

Mitigation, Monitoring, and Reporting Program (MMRP)

Mitigation, Monitoring, and Reporting Program (PDF)

Responses to EIR
Responses to EIR
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