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Related Santa Clara



Lot Size: 240 acres

Project Description: Construction of a new multi-phased, mixed-use development of up to 9.16 million gross square feet of office buildings, retail and entertainment facilities, residential units, hotel rooms, surface and structured parking facilities, new open space and roads, landscaping and tree replacement, and new/upgraded/expanded infrastructure and utilities.

Process Description: To accommodate the planned high-intensity urban environment contemplated by the project, a formal application was submitted for public and City review that included a General Plan Amendment of the 240 acre project site from Parks/Open Space and Regional Commercial to Urban Center/Entertainment District; a rezone of the project site from Public, Quasi-Public, Park or Recreation (B) and Commercial Park (CP) to Planned Development-Master Planned Community (PD-MC); and a Master Community Plan (MCP) and Infrastructure Plan to implement the development. An Environmental Impact Report was prepared and circulated in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) to analyze and inform the decision makers and public of the potential environmental impacts associated with project development. In addition, a Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program was prepared to identify the mitigation measures for implementation to reduce significant impacts to less than significant along with CEQA Findings and Statement of Overriding Considerations for project related significant impacts that with mitigation would not be reduced to less than significant and an Override of the Santa Clara County Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC) Land Use Plan for inconsistency with ALUC policy to locate the residential portion of the project within the 65 dB CNEL. The project included changes to Figure 2.3-1 Areas of Potential Development and General Plan Table 8.6-2 Proposed Development (Approved, Not Constructed and Pending Projects) in the General Plan to acknowledge the proposed development project and an amendment to the Climate Action Plan, which is an appendix to the General Plan, to set Transportation Demand Management goals for the new land use designation. A Development Agreement between the City and the Developer accompanied the project proposal to secure development rights, terms, and conditions. A Development and Disposition Agreement (DDA) and a Ground Lease were also prepared between the City as landowner and Related Santa Clara, LLC, as the Developer. 

The project, including the associated applications described above, were reviewed and approved by the City Council at a public noticed meeting on June 28, 2016.

City Contacts:

  • Jeff Schwilk, Associate Planner (408-615-2450,
  • Dolores Montenegro, Deputy City Manager (


Property Owner/Applicant: City of Santa Clara / Related Santa Clara, LLC 

Permits Required: NPDES permit for stormwater discharge; approvals and permits related to closure of the All-Purpose Landfill; demolition and grading permits; and building permits.

File Numbers:

  •  PLN2014-10554 (Master Community Plan)
  •  PLN2019-14186 (Development Area Plan Phase I, Parcel 5)
  •  PLN2019-14249 (Development Area Plan Phase 2, Parcel 4 (portion)), 

Potential Development Area:

  • 209-acres of development
  • 31-acre city park 

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Next Steps: Implementation of the project will require the preparation and submittal of Development Area Plans (DAPs) and Vesting Tentative and/or Tentative Maps to implement the project phases. The DAPs will be submitted in accordance with the provisions established in the PD-MC ordinance, with certain procedures superseded by specific procedures in the MCP. The Vesting Tentative and/or Tentative Maps will be submitted consistent with Chapter 17 – Subdivisions of the SCCC prior to development for City review and approval. **Update as of December 2019 - DAPs have been submitted for DAP 1, Phase 1, Parcel 5 and DAP 2, Phase 2, Parcel 4, and will be added to this page soon

Public Hearings/Community Meetings Held

  • In addition to Planning Commission and City Council noticed public hearings for review and action on the project applications in June 2016, a series of noticed public meetings, study sessions, and community meetings were conducted from March 2013 through June 2016.
  • A community open house was hosted by the developer on January 15, 2020 to provide updated information on the current plans and schedule for the first two development phases: Developer Open House Presentation.
  • A Study Session was held at the Planning Commission meeting on January 29, 2020 to provide information on the Related development project entitlements and Development Area Plan review process.

Upcoming Public Hearings/Community Meetings:

  • Planning Commission meeting scheduled for Thursday, February 20, 2020 at 6:00pm.

Staff Report Attachments: (Please note some of these files are large and may take a minute to load)


City Council Meeting (6/16/2015) Staff Report: Link 

City Council Study Session (6/7/2016) Staff Report: Link

Planning Commission Meeting (6/8/2016) Staff Presentation: Link

City Council Meeting (6/28/2016) Staff Report: Link (12 MB)

City Council Meeting (6/28/2016) Applicant Presentation: Link

City Council Meeting (6/28/2016) Minutes: Link

Master Community Plan (Volume I)

Master Community Plan (Volume II)

CEQA Documents

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