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You Are What You Eat!

You Are What You Eat - And Perhaps What Your Grandparents Ate

We tend to think that good genes make us thin and healthy, whereas bad genes make us fat and sick. But what if we could turn our “good” genes on and our “bad” genes off, and improve our overall health by making the right dietary and lifestyle choices? The science of epigenetics suggests we can do just that.

This workshop will provide an introduction to epigenetics, the study of how lifestyle factors can change gene activity without actually modifying the underlying DNA. With that basic foundation in place, attendies will discover how food is a powerful signal to our genes that can have a positive impact on our metabolism, longevity, and mental well-being. We will specifically explore basic concepts in nutrigenomics, the study of how gene expression can be modified by certain nutrients and bioactive food compounds.

Registration is not required. Seating is first-come, first-served as space is limited. However, registering on Eventbrite is a great way to get an email reminder!

Presented by Dr. Lucia Aronica, Lecturer, Stanford Prevention Research Center (SPRC)

Dr. Aronica

Dr. Lucia Aronica is a Lecturer in Nutritional Genomics at the Stanford Prevention and Research Center and at Stanford Continuing Studies. She is is currently leading the epigenetic analysis of the Stanford DIETFITS study by Prof Christopher Gardner — the largest randomized clinical trial ever undertaken to compare low carb vs. low fat diets for the design of personalized weight loss strategies. The focus of her research is investigating how diet affects the epigenome, and whether we can use epigenetic biomarkers to design personalized weight loss plans. Lucia serves also as an advisor for companies active in the personal genomics and precision health field.

Lucia received her PhD from the Universität Wien, and has research experience from the University of Oxford, University of Southern California, and University Federico II of Naples. She has published research papers in top-ranked peer reviewed journals such as Cell, Genes and Development, and the EMBO Journal.

This program is sponsored by the Santa Clara City Library Foundation & Friends

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