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Tips for a Safe and Successful Garage Sale

The City-wide Garage Sale is Tomorrow - Saturday, August 10

Post Date:08/09/2019 7:00 AM

Looking for a Garage Sale in your area? Seeking a particular item?

Use the City-Wide Garage Sale locator identify participants or items sold by the host. 

Meanwhile, the Santa Clara Police Department reminds hosts of tips for a safe and successful garage sale:

  • Keep your house and garage doors locked before and after the sale.
  • Post sale signs on private property only, and take the signs down at the conclusion of the sale. Signs may not be posted on utility or street sign poles. 
  • Charge your cell phone and have it available in your pocket. 
  • Have cash available for change, but be sure it isn’t visible to your shoppers. 
  • Hold your sale out in the open, not in the garage. Place items you don’t want to sell out of sight. 
  • Have everything you want to sell outside and ready to be seen. Never walk someone into your house to show them an item or “test” an appliance. Instead, run an extension cord from your house/garage for people who want to know if items work.
  • Don’t use a cash box unless you have a designated cashier. If you are running the sale alone, it’s best to keep the money on your person (e.g. fanny pack, apron, etc.). 
  • Seek help with young kids and do not let pets roam the sale. Yard sales often create neighborhood traffic and the interactions can distract you from keeping a proper eye on your loved ones. 
  • Do not leave your yard sale unattended. Recruit the assistance of a family member, friend or neighbor to oversee your sale should you need to excurse yourself temporarily. 
  • Do not allow shoppers inside your house to use the bathroom no matter how harmless they may seem. 
  • Coordinate the donation of usable items not sold.  

If you are a garage sale shopper, please keep the following tips in mind:

  • If you arrive early, wait. 
  • Do you block a driveway, fire hydrant, handicap zone or park in a red zone, even temporarily. 
  • Do not drive distracted or abnormally slow to “check out” a sale from the street. 
  • Walk around flower beds and do not cut through yards. 
  • Be prepared with small bills and coins. 

For more information about the City-Wide Garage Sale, email or call (408) 615-3080.

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