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Why I Wear the Badge

Post Date:12/03/2019 2:30 PM

#WhyIWearTheBadge is a campaign designed to highlight the diversity and commitment of the law enforcement profession. The badge is a symbol of courage, strength and integrity. With the display of the badge comes great responsibility. So why do hundreds of thousands of men and women wear the badge each day?

The Santa Clara Police Department (SCPD) would like to feature Public Safety Dispatcher Natalie Moreno.

Natalie started her career as a dispatcher for NASA. As a Santa Clara native, it was her dream to join SCPD. Eventually, she was hired in 1995.

Natalie best describes the role of a Public Safety Dispatcher is to calm the chaos. Public Safety Dispatchers are true first responders to the public and a lifeline to officers and firefighters in the field. In her career, Natalie has handled rewarding, heartbreaking and lifesaving calls.

Why I Wear the Badge - “No two calls are alike! For me, this career path, has been the most rewarding path I could have ever taken. While calls involving children and the elderly always emotionally impact me, I could not have found a more satisfying career path and am proud of to serve this City."

In her 24-year career, Natalie has served as a Communications Training Officer (training new Public Safety Dispatchers), a Mentor and received the Dispatcher of the Year Award (2014). Natalie was also the recipient of several individual call-handling commendations and an Outstanding Performance Award for a critical incident.


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