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The City of Santa Clara's Vote Ethics campaign is part of the City's ongoing Ethics & Values Program. At the heart of the Vote Ethics program is the City's Code of Ethics and Values developed by the community and City officials. During the past six municipal elections, the City has held workshops for candidates, their campaign workers and supporters to discuss ethical campaign strategies. Each election cycle the program takes the next step to include outreach to the voters themselves, through the Vote Ethics campaign, asking voters to pay close attention to candidates' campaign conduct and to hold them accountable at the ballot box for conducting political campaigns that can be hard-hitting, but are also issue-oriented, honest, fair and respectful.

The City's Vote Ethics public education outreach is nonpartisan and nonpolitical. It does not tell voters how to vote. Instead, it provides voters with tools to make a candidate's ethics and values an important part of the voting decision. It encourages voters to look to the candidate's campaign for evidence of trustworthy leadership, a commitment to the City's Code of Ethics & Values, and the capacity to lead the Ethics & Values program. Vote Ethics provides voters with tools so they can tell who is conducting a campaign that focuses on issues, qualifications, and vision, not on misleading attacks meant to deceive voters. The program focuses on practical ways to recognize fair and unfair campaigning so that voters have that knowledge before they cast their ballots.
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Below are links to public outreach materials that have been utilized in the Vote Ethics campaign. 

2014 Santa Clara Resident Outreach:

2014 Published Articles in the Santa Clara WEEKLY:Newspaper Group

2014 Newspaper Advertisements:

  • "One Vote Can Make a Difference" published in the Santa Clara WEEKLY on 5/7/14 One Vote Can Make A Difference
    and 5/14/14. Translated into Spanish and published in the El Observador on 5/9/14. Translated into Mandarin and published in the World Journal on 5/8/14. Translated into Korean and published in the Korea Times on 5/8/14. Translated into Vietnamese and published in the Viet Tribune on 5/5/14. Translated into Tagalog and published in the Asian Journal on 5/9/14. Translated into Hindi and published in India West on 5/9/14. Translated into Portuguese and published in the Portuguese Tribune on 5/1/14.
  • "Read the Fine Print on Political Mailers" published in the Santa Clara WEEKLY on 10/29/14. 

2014 Vote Ethics Video Newsbriefs:

City Council Reports:

Voter Information Links:

Campaign Information and Regulations:

Past Vote Ethics Publications:

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