The County of Santa Clara's Shelter-at-Home order remains in effect as some businesses and new activities are allowed to reopen with social distancing protocols and safety requirements in place. For local updates on the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, visit

California Recovery Roadmap

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A Framework for Safely Reopening the State

Pandemic Recovery Updates

(5/18/2020) The State of California is allowing more counties to accelerate their re-opening process.

  • According to Governor Gavin Newsom, the pace of reopening will be based on each county’s ability to increase testing, work with nursing homes and stabilize their hospitalization and case rates.
  • Information about county variances is available on the California Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response website.
  • As of May 18, 2020, the County of Santa Clara is entering the early stages of Phase 2 for reopening the county.


(5/12/2020) Governor Gavin Newsom announced new guidance for industries allowed to open statewide with modifications and some new guidance only for counties that will meet the State’s requirements to move further into Stage 2.

Some counties have been certified to open additional sectors including dine-in restaurants and shopping centers.

If a county order differs from a state order, the more restrictive order takes precedence as is the case in Santa Clara County. 

See the guidance for these counties and the statewide guidance.

Also, view the State of California's Resilience Roadmap – Local Variance Attestations webpage.

(4/28/2020) During the Tuesday, April 28 update on California’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Governor Gavin Newsom announced that the re-opening of California will be gradual, guided by public health and science, and will be done in stages. The stages are:

  • Stage 1: Safety and Preparedness (which is the stage we’re in now, as of 4/28/2020.)
    • This stage involves staying home and flattening the curve, building out testing, PPE (personal protective equipment) and hospital capacity and making our essential workplaces as safe as possible, and preparing sector-by-sector guidelines for a safe re-opening.
  • Stage 2: Lower Risk Workplaces
    • This second stage involves gradually re-opening some lower risk workplaces with adaptations.
    • This will include retail (e.g. curbside pickup), manufacturing, offices (when telework not possible), and more public spaces.
  • Stage 3: Higher Risk Workplaces
    • This third stage is for gradually re-opening some higher risk environments with adaptations and limits on size of gatherings.
    • This will include personal care (hair salons, nail salons, gyms), movie theaters, sports without live audiences, and in-person religious services.
  • Stage 4: End of Stay-At-Home Order
    • This fourth and final stage concerns re-opening the highest risk parts of the economy – once therapeutics have been developed.
    • This will include mass gatherings such as concerts, convention centers and live audience sports.
  • For more information, view the Governor’s Office website

California's Roadmap to Pandemic Resilience

The roadmap involves how the State of California is planning its path forward – in phases based on science, health and data.

View Governor Gavin Newsom's Update on California Resilience Roadmap Presentation, PDF or Governor's Office website (4/28/2020)

  • All sectors in the economy will need to consider how best to decrease the spread of COVID-19 and lower the impact in their business. This may include activities in one or more of the following areas:
    • Reducing transmission among employees and customers/public,
    • Maintaining healthy business operations, and
    • Maintaining a healthy work environment.
  • Californians are encouraged to provide their input to help inform the development of guidance for these different sectors of our economy.

CA Roadmap to Recovery


City of Santa Clara COVID-19 Recovery Support

  • (5/18/2020) Mayor Lisa M. Gillmor's letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senator Kamala Harris and Congressman Ro Khanna about the HEROES Act and requesting that they continue to advocate for direct relief funding for local jurisdictions. 
  • (4/29/2020) Cities Association of Santa Clara County letter to County of Santa Clara Board of Supervisors, County Executive Officer Dr. Jeff Smith and Public Health Director Dr. Sara Cody regarding COVID-19 testing. Mayor Lisa M. Gillmor is among the mayors in the county who signed the letter.
  • (4/17/2020) Mayor Lisa M. Gillmor's letter to County of Santa Clara Board of Supervisors regarding support for the County to secure funding from the Coronavirus Relief Fund available through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Learn more about the CARES Act.

  • (4/13/2020) Mayor Lisa M. Gillmor's letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senator Kamala Harris and Congressman Ro Khanna concerning Phase 4 COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Package.

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