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Santa Clara Convention Center, Convention-Visitors Bureau Agreements

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Given the complexity of issues related to the Santa Clara Convention Center and the Convention Visitors Bureau, to increase the level of transparency and public awareness related to the Convention Center Management Agreement and the Convention-Visitors Bureau Agreement, this webpage has been created to provide background and current information on:

  • Santa Clara Convention Center
  • Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Tourism Improvement District (TID)

This webpage contains information regarding: contracts; the performance audit; Council actions; and, other information as it becomes available. 

Spectra Venue Management 

The City of Santa Clara completed the Request for Proposal and in February 2019, with City Council’s approval, the Management Agreement was awarded to Spectra Venue Management (Spectra), a national industry leader in venue management, food services and hospitality. The City entered into a Management Agreement  with Spectra for an initial five-year term with options to renew for two five-year subsequent terms. Spectra’s assumed Santa Clara Convention Center operations on March, 18 2019.  The scope of the Management Agreement did not include provision of convention and visitors services and no award made for the management of the convention and visitors services at that time.

Recent News Releases

(02-05-19) Proposed New Manager Selected for Santa Clara Convention Center is National Industry Leader

(11-26-18) Audit of Tourism Improvement District Finds More Fiscal Mismanagement by the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce and Need for More City Oversight 

(10-18-18) Santa Clara launches National Search for Convention Center operator 

(09-20-18) Santa Clara Terminates Chamber of Commerce’s Contract for the Operations of the Santa Clara Convention Center and Prepared to Report Questionable Practices to State and Federal Authorities for Further Investigation

(09-19-18) Audit of Santa Clara Convention Center and Convention-Visitors Bureau Finds Financial Mismanagement, Conflicts of Interest and Misuse of Government Resources under Chamber of Commerce Management – City Takes Action to Terminate 34-Year Chamber Agreement

More news...

Final Audit Report

(11-27-18)  Action on Presentation from the City on the Audit by TAP International titled “City of Santa Clara Tourism Improvement District - Governance, Internal Controls and Oversight Needed"

(09-18-18) Santa Clara Convention Center and Convention-Visitors Bureau: Restructuring Operations Can Strengthen Accountability, Performance and Revenue

News Audit SC Convention Center-Financial Reports

City Council Action public meeting Background


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