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Food Scraps FAQs

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  • Is assistance available from City staff?

  • Do Santa Clara businesses recycle food scraps?

  • How should I submit feedback about the program?

  • It looks like the collection truck is mixing garbage and food scraps; what’s going on?

  • My neighbor’s split-cart looks like mine; Are all of the split-carts the same size?

  • Can I opt out?

  • Can I sign up to participate in this pilot program?

  • Will my rates change as a result of this pilot program?

  • Should I use a bag to line the kitchen pail?

  • Why use a split-cart for collecting food scraps?

  • What if I have extra garbage that won’t fit in my cart?

  • Why can’t I put food scraps in my yard trimmings (Clean Green) container?

  • Do I need to use compostable bags to line the kitchen pail?

  • I compost in my back yard; should I still participate?

  • I don’t generate much food waste; why do I need to participate?

  • How does the Sustainable Animal Feed Enterprises (SAFE) process work?

  • Is the final product safe for the animals consuming it?

  • How were the pilot routes selected?

  • Why is Santa Clara implementing a pilot food scraps recycling program?

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