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During the 2019 City Council Goal and Priority Setting Session, the City Council added a new strategic pillar for Sustainability for a total of seven City Council policy priorities.

Current Efforts

  1. City Facilities & Equipment
    • Corp yard green business certification
    • Green fleet policy development
    • Energy efficiency at aging City buildings/funding
    • Green infrastructure (GI plan)
  2. Reduce single-occupant vehicle use (TDM, multi-modal options)
  3. Implement a Department of Public Works' Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy (EPPP)
  4. Waste reduction (organics collection)
  5. Install sink faucet aerators
  6. Continue to reduce the use of chemicals
    • Cleaners with triclosan, fluorescent tubes, aerosolized air fresheners, paper products processed with chlorine, etc.
  7. Properly sort and dispose of waste
    • Garbage, recycling, plant material, e-waste, universal waste, hazardous waste
  8. Provide energy efficiency, solar incentive and green power programs to residential and business electric users in Santa Clara, including:
    • Santa Clara Green Power (100% renewable energy)
    • Solar electric incentives–Neighborhood Solar Program

New Initiatives

  1. Transition to bleach-free paper towels in City facilities
  2. Reduce use of plastics by focusing on reusable drinking containers for public meetings and reducing the practice of single-use plastic bottles
  3. Increase amount of recycled materials and decrease use of paper throughout the City through better use of digital tools
  4. Citywide sustainable procurement policy to guide purchasing through all departments of environmentally preferred supplies
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